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24 Hour Valentine's Day Challenge fic! :D
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Title: pending!
Author: imwahyou
Fandom: JE
Pairing: Akame
Rating: PG
Notes: The end needs more! Needs work! But I can honestly say I vaguely like it. Parts of it. The idea of it. lol. And Happy Valentines konnyy because you're always telling me to write Akame. Even though you're on your Pi high lately... xD ♥

Beautiful things are fleeting.

Colors fade and flowers wilt. The dazzling lights of a fireworks display vanish in an instant.

Their love was beautiful.



Kame giggles to himself.

Their fans love it. They love it. Everyone is crazy about them. "Akame."

Jin is a little too unrestrained, and Kame likes to play by the rules, so it doesn't really make sense. But it works. They start to look forward to "KAT-TUN" a little bit.

Idiosyncrasies of character are the most attractive with Jin. Jin likes eating Kame's food more than he likes eating his own. Even if it's exactly the same. And because Kame always concedes to Jin's will, they end up making it a habit of ordering together and sharing.

Jin is pleasantly selfish. Sometimes they share a bed and Jin steals the blankets or hogs the mattress. But his peaceful face and murmurs of "Sleep, sleep, sleepyy~ oh give me that hamburger!" when immersed in dreams, are too cute to deny. Kame can't take that away. He always allows Jin to be selfish.

Kame likes that Jin is always vying for his attention. He plays with his hair and touches his arms. He tells stupid jokes and acts out illogical situations loudly and obnoxiously. Kame always knows it's because Jin wants him to laugh because Kame is always fretting and stressing over the important things. Jin worries too, but he worries more that Kame doesn't laugh enough.

Jin always listens to what Kame has to say. He might disagree, and he often does, but he always listens. And Kame appreciates that the most because he knows that Jin is sometimes harmlessly self-centered, and to always have that acknowledgment-- that's something special.

Kame really appreciates everything that Jin is. He tries to show it in his own idiosyncrasies; giggles, smiles, and "Jin, you're the best!"

And the fans love it. Oh, they love it.


Everything beautiful is poisonous.
It's the temptation of Eve.

Kame starts putting up an act. For the fans, for the jimusho, for the group. For success.

Jin hates it. "What am I to you?"

He's hurt. He's hurt because he can't tell when Kame is being sincere anymore. When the cameras are on, Kame can't stop. It's like a drug. He plays Jin sometimes, like a fool. And Jin plays right along with him because he wants to trust Kame. Kame, who sidles up to Jin and gives him a look, just for the cameras, on Shounen Club. Kame, who puts a finger to his lips and says, "Shh, not now," when Jin has something important to say-- about them-- and calls over the managers to discuss their next TV appearance. Jin wants to trust him, but after a while, it gets hard.

"You're everything to me," Kame finally answers.

It's too late. Jin already doesn't even care. The divide forms. The divide swells.


Later, far too much later, when things seem beyond repair, Kame realizes.

"I'm learning to treasure the things I have..."

Jin maintains his gaze, looks expectant.

"Until then... I'm sorry, and please forgive me--a thousand times for everything I've done wrong."


Initially, there isn't any evidence of acceptance, but it's done. It's done. Kame feels so relieved that he's finally done it. He's finally given Jin what he deserves. It's time to try to slowly mend the relationship.

"Hey, smile."

Jin hesitates, then gives him the standard magazine grin.

"No... no," he says, trying hard to suppress his vexation. He sighs. It's hard to be delicate. He glances sideways, adjusts his feet, shifts the hands in his pockets. He doesn't know how to convey his thoughts without being misunderstood.

"Jin," he says, "Smile like you mean it."

So he tries again. Laughs a little. It's shallow.

Kame is trying to make things work. But he doesn't want to try too hard. Doesn't want to drive him away. Distant friendship-- that's as ambitious as he'll let himself be.


With all honesty, Jin hadn't understood Kame's words. He hadn't cared enough, at all, to try to understand. He'd given Kame the exact same smiles he'd received for more than a year. And he'd meant it, sure. He'd meant it with his head and not his heart.

But six months later.
Six months later, and a world away.

A breath of fresh air away from the crowded city.
Music. A song, an endless melody. Never forgotten. Not even at the end of the world.
A helping hand. A small gesture that passes on and on across the globe. An immeasurable chain.

Beautiful things are enduring.

Their love, for one. And their memories.
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