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one hour porn; akame

not anywhere near finished. kind of just started.

One Hour Porn Writing Festiviganza
Prompt: Lips PV ♥
More ♥: anamuan | goldengutgirl | iverin | jackoweskla | karinberry | mousapelli | pearljemz | shatteredinu | soucieux | spurious | tokyostory | wintersjuly | yamapea

Pairing: Akame

"That's a lot of eyeliner."

Kame looks up, slowly. He does it in a roundabout way that [something]. He's leaning, indecently, against the dressing table.

Jin kicks the door shut, says, "You know what I want, don't you?" and Kame grins, not kindly.


Pulling off his jacket and tossing it aside, Jin crosses the room and makes a point of not looking at Kame until he leans over and pulls him into a deliberate kiss.

But after that, there is nothing but uninhibited urgency.

Jin shoves a hand down Kame's pants- already unbuttoned- and strokes a few times before tugging it free. Pants and boxers slip down to ankles. Kame nips at Jin's ear, ventures for another kiss. Instead, Jin gives only a fierce glance as a warning before dropping to his knees and taking Kame in, completely.

Kame jolts. He grabs for hair. Jin is going up down up down. Tongue falls somewhere in they rhythm. When Kame likes it, he pulls. Hard. But Jin doesn't mind. Kame is noisy. He whines and pants and begs for more, more, more; he has no shame. And Jin never disappoints.

When Kame is almost there, Jin rubs at his inner thigh to let him know he can't come, not yet. Jin stands up, pulls down his pants and Kame eyes him brazenly. Jin is looking for something-- the lube. Kame knows where it is. He wants his turn. Snatching the bottle off of the vanity behind him, he grabs Jin's wrist, makes him stop.

Lube in his hand, Kame grabs Jin's cock and rubs thoroughly. Jin makes a sound, closes his eyes, enjoys himself. Kame is just stroking, getting faster, faster, but too soon, he knows it's time for something different. Opening his eyes, Jin stops Kame by kissing him. Deep and hard. Tongue and tongue and it's hard to break apart, but Kame wants attention elsewhere.

If he wasn't losing it before, he was definitely losing it now.

["Shit, Jin, I thought ]

"When we're recording, think of me," he smirks and pulls away.
Tags: akame, one hour porn
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